Devarakonda Readying Another Apology Letter?

Devarakonda Readying Another Apology Letter?

Coming November 16th, we will have happening hero Vijay Devarakonda in theatres for the third time this year.

Recently when NOTA tanked big time at the box office, almost every critic slammed the film for lack of spine in the content. Taking that in his stride, Vijay Devarakonda has written an open letter to his fans and critics and mentioned to critics that they should celebrate the occasion, as he will come back stronger again.

And now, we hear that he has got the film Taxiwala trimmed to 2 hours 10 minutes runtime and expecting that the slick length mixed with horror content will do wonders for him. Not stopping there, Devarakonda is also said to be readying another apology letter to critics, where he will say sorry for delivering a blockbuster now.

Whatever may be the result of this film, it looks like Vijay will shoot another letter to everyone. Whether there is truth or not in these reports, reportedly they are helping the film get some buzz on social media.

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