How Come Sarkaar Earned 50 Crores?

How Come Sarkaar Earned 50 Crores?

From all quarters, the only possible mixed talk we heard about AR Murugadoss latest film "Sarkaar". Even Telugu folks also got shocked to see what is the connection between first half and second half of the movie.

At a time when negative comments are being heard that this Vijay starrer, guess what are the producers of the film are saying. They are claiming that the film made 50 crores from the box office, leaving everyone speechless. Did that really happen?

Actually, trade pundits revealed that Sarkkar amassed 30 crores gross on its First Day, which means the producers will pocket somewhere around 17 crores of share. But the producers are adding that if we take the sale of popcorn, coffee and parking tickets at single screens and multiplexes, the collection made by the film will touch 50 crores. That’s the joke folks.

Rather making such funny collection statements through their unofficial spokespersons, maybe they should have asked Murugadoss to give a full narration of the script to Vijay before going to floors. It would have been a great help then.

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