Rajnikanth's Satire On His 'Simplicity'

Rajnikanth's Satire On His 'Simplicity'

They always say, Superstar Rajnikanth is a simple guy who dresses casually and does all the things that a commoner would do. But that is in his films, not in real life. His fans may not have agreed had anyone said that, but the star himself denies leading that 'simple' now.

Other day Rajni has interacted with some media house to promote his latest movie 2 Point O and shared quite interesting things. When someone asked him, how could he live in such a simplicity despite being a Superstar, his reply came rubbishing all the stories in the air.

'I live in Poes garden, wander in BMW 7 Series car and dine at 7-Star hotels. How is that a simple life?' he laughed, as he revealed that there is no such thing called simplicity he follows. True to what he said, living in a palatial residence, driving around in imported luxury cars and hanging out at highly maintained posh hotels is only for the multi-millionaires, but not for people living the simple life.

Well, it is his hard earned money so how he lives with it is his own decision.

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