Two Shocking Reviews From Mahesh Babu!

Two Shocking Reviews From Mahesh Babu!

'#Sarkar is an engaging political drama!! Thoroughly enjoyed it... An A R Murugadoss trademark film. Congrats to the entire team' tweeted Mahesh Babu on Diwali eve. Like we said already, he is beating the likes of Rajamouli when it comes giving reviews on twitter.

But what is happening these days is, Mahesh is actually shocking his 7 million twitter family with his views. Whatever the films he is talking about are actually duds at the box office and invited negative reviews not just from critics but audience alike. While Sarkar review is his second shocking review, the first one goes like this.

'#ChekkaChivanthaVaanam... stellar performances .. AR Rahman matchless, Santosh Sivan pure class. As a #ManiRatnam fan, used to clap watching his films in the theaters of Chennai, did the same... watching it in my home theater with my collar up', tweeted Mahesh, a month ago.

Praising all the films won't be looking good for a Superstar, isn't it? That said, we could derive this as Mahesh's way of encouraging everyone and everything, no matter what the result it.

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