In Talk: Pawan Kalyan's New Land Cruiser

In Talk: Pawan Kalyan's New Land Cruiser

After claiming that he has no money at least to pay his staff, Pawan Kalyan really pushed everyone into a confusion of sorts. Some went on to think, what might have he done with the crores of remuneration he got in the film industry.

While that remains aside, the Janasena president loves to travel in luxury cars and earlier he used to drive a Benz G class SUV vehicle. For those who have met him at Janasena office in Journalist colony couple of months ago, a white BMW 5 Series car appeared. Though he is traveling even by a common man's best friend, the passenger train, we hear that he has changed his vehicle in Hyderabad yet again.

Recently when Pawan came to Hyderabad to meet his mom at Janasena's new office, we hear that he has got down from a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser SUV vehicle. It happens to be an LC 299 VX version that costs 1.5+ crores on road in Hyderabad. Some say that it is Pawan's car, but sources from Janasena revealed that the vehicle is purchased by Janasena office to shuttle VIPs.

Whatever it may be, Pawan's new car became a talk of the town now, while there are also rumours being heard that he has built a new house near Peddamma temple, located in upscale Jubilee Hills area.

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