Thugs Of Hindostan: What Is Initial Talk?

Thugs Of Hindostan: What Is Initial Talk?

One of the biggest Diwali releases this year is Vijay's Sarkar in the south and Aamir Khan's Thugs Of Hindostan in the north. Both the films got dubbed into other languages, aiming at a simultaneous release. While Sarkar is already out a couple of days ago, today, Thugs have taken over.

Initial talk regarding Thugs Of Hindostan is quite disappointed we have to say as they say that neither the plot nor the execution is brilliant. Like the way trailer of the film itself hasn't given any goosebumps, the film further spoiled the excitement. Formulaic plot with routine scenes and stupid emotions is said to be the big minus for the film.

Not all the times we see films that are filled with patriotic content click well with the audiences. For Aamir Khan himself, other than Lagaan, films like Mangal Pandey didn't work at the box office. We hear that in Thugs Of Hindostan as well, other than Aamir's comedy and few serious dialogues of Amitabh Bachchan, none failed to create magic on the silver screen. Both Katrina Kaif and Fathima Sana Shaikh appeared only in semi-cooked roles as per the talk.

Citing the film as a king-sized disappointment, popular critic Taran Adarsh said, "All that glitters is NOT gold... Holds true for #TOH... Some engrossing moments in the first hour, that's about it... Formula-ridden plot, screenplay of convenience, shoddy direction are the main culprits". That sums up all.

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