50% Of Total Budget Is What Nani Demands?

50% Of Total Budget Is What Nani Demands?

ట్యాక్సీవాలా.. తెర వెనుక ఏం జరిగింది?ఎప్పుడో మే నెలలో రావాల్సిన సినిమా ‘ట్యాక్సీవాలా’. కొన్ని కారణాల వల్ల వాయిదా పడి వచ్చే శనివారం ప్రేక్షకుల ముందుకు రాబోతోంది. మేలో Nov 09, 2018

Of course, every hero hikes his fee basing on his present market at the box office. After the super success of Geetha Govindam, Vijay Devarakonda is said to be asking for 10 crores paycheque. Then what about his senior Nani, who is scoring back to back hits and above-average films from some time?

Earlier Nani used to ask for 6-8 crores, depending on the kind of film and the producer. But now, he is said to be asking for a 50% total budget of the movie as his pay packet. That said, he wants to take home something more than that of 10+ crores per film.

A little birdie tells us, "Nani's films are usually made with 15-25 crores budget. And even if he takes 50% of that as his fee, it adds 7-13 cr to the budget, while his films are getting sold at 35-40 crores. That gives producer 5-10 crores profit even before the film releases".

However, Nani has to make sure that he will pick up subjects that are unique to him rather than DevaDas and Krishnarjuna Yudham which are completely away from his domain.

Nov 09, 2018 చరణ్‌ కోసం మళ్ళీ అదే కథా రామా! కొంతమంది సినిమాల్లో కథలుండవ్. కొంతమంది సినిమాల్లో క్యారక్టర్లు ఉండవ్. కాని కొందరు డైరక్టర్ల సినిమాల్లో మాత్రం ఒకటే కథ మళ్ళీ మళ్ల… View Full Article

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