Buzz: Ravi Teja Not Interested In Consultants

Buzz: Ravi Teja Not Interested In Consultants

Mass Raja Ravi Teja is all set to test his luck yet again as the release of his latest film "Amar Akbar Antony" is around the corner. At this juncture, many are saying that he is still not interested in the so-called story consultants. Here goes the story.

Many star heroes in our industry are maintaining these story consultants, who would give certain insights and inputs on a story these heroes hear. Though these consultants themselves cannot come up with brand new stories, they could judge the logic and reasoning of a story, 90% of the time succeeding in predicting the fate of a story at the box office when director handles the making job well.

Ravi Teja is said to be averse to such consultants however and always did the stories these people have written off. Though many advised him to not take of Nela Ticket and some of his recent movies, he never listened to them. And the result would have surely shaken him, but still, he is not in a mood to budge.

That makes everyone guess what he might have done with the stories of Amar Akbar Antony and also VI Anand's upcoming film. We have to see how the results are going to be like.

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