No Buyers To Big Combination!

No Buyers To Big Combination!

It's a big combination. Be it the film's star hero or the film's director or the film's producer or the film's heroine, all of them have once enjoyed the ace image in the industry. But their luck isn't favouring and they're now on downside. This is seen as a major hindrance for the film's craze in trade circuits.

Trade talk is that no buyers are even daring to go near this 'Big Combination' film. Even as the film has completed all its work and is gearing up for release, buyers are said to be not interested to take risk. Given that the director's previous films failed miserably and even the star hero's last film was a big let down, buyers said to be maintaining distance.

And now this is worrying the production house who wants to make this film a success and move on here after. Will the dreams of the producers come true? Only time will tell. Let's wait and see.

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