Shocking Comedy Twist In Amar Akbar Antony

Shocking Comedy Twist In Amar Akbar Antony

Director Sreenu Vaitla is coming up with yet another film, this time with full of confidence that it will not turn out like Mahesh's Aagadu, Charan's Bruce Lee or Varun's Mister. And here is a shocking twist about that film.

Featuring Ravi Teja and Ileana D'cruz in the leads, Vaitla is coming up with 'Amar Akbar Antony' which is set for November 16th release. In his last 3-4 films, no matter what the story is, this director has the knack of inducing house-comedy into it. That is something he has invented along with Kona Venkat, where all the star-cast are brought into one house, and most of them are made bakras by the hero. So what is Amar Akbar Antony all about?

Going by the promos, one feels that it is looking like Dookudu set in New York City. But we hear a shocking remark that there is no comedy at all in the movie. It happens to be a thriller film with a lot of twists and turns. Though there are comedians like Vennela Kishore and Satya in the film, the comedy is said to be limited.

Well, if Vaitla really reinvents himself and comes up with a brand new story, then audiences are there to welcome him with open arms. Hope that is going to happen.

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