That's The Only Negative For 2.O

That's The Only Negative For 2.O

Children, thus family audiences, are the only target of the upcoming film '2 Point O', which is aiming to reap more than 1000 crores gross from the box office. While everything is going right for this high budgeted visual effects movie of Superstar Rajnikanth, there is only one minus that could haunt it.

Even if it is a children's movie, songs are required to make the narrative more interesting. That is the reason, animation movies and visual effects fantasy movies coming from the stables of Disney always have songs. For 2.0, Shankar initially thought of keeping no songs, which is a bad idea, and agreed to incorporate them only after AR Rahman suggested it.

Guess what, it's Rahman who is going to be the biggest minus because he is not living up to his suggestion. By listening to those songs, one feels that Shankar should have stayed with his no-songs idea. We wonder what made Rahman give such mediocre songs for a film that is aimed at masses.

Only for some films, songs got huge applause after the film's release like the way Pilla Raa song from RX100 became super hit post the release. Hope 2 Point O songs will make an impact in theatres though they are not able to move anything now.

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