Vijay Shoots Video To Rubbish Rumours

Do You Know Who Is Taxiwala's Real Villain?SINGLEREC In what we could call as an invasion on the box office, hero Vijay Devarakonda is once again going to test his luck at the box office. After Oct 30, 2018

Rumours were rife on Vijay Deverakonda's Taxiwaala. After the film got leaked in much advance even before its release, the film engulfed in several speculations and rumours. In fact, a strong talk about the film - average - did the rounds in social media platforms. In order to give a fitting counter to all such rumours, Vijay has shot a special video.

Named as 'Behind Taxiwaala', Vijay turned it into chef and draws analogy between unfinished food (pasta) and finished food (pasta) and how the taste varies. Vijay said that the leaked film hadn't undergone the proper post-production formalities and what got leaked was unfinished product. Vijay ensured that the film got much better after the post-production, DI and VFX works. He said the film has shaped up well and it'd appeal to Rowdies and audiences. As the film is alll set to hit the screens on Nov 17, let's wait and see, what is in store for Vijay.

The spot on is Vijay's self-satire on his last film NOTA that didn't do well at all. So, let's see whether Vijay would compensate it with Taxiwaala or not.

Nov 09, 2018 మళ్లీ కెలికేసారు... మళ్లీ బ్లాక్‌బస్టరు? విజయ్‌ సినిమా రావడం, దానిని తమిళనాడు సర్కారు కెలికేయడం చాలా కామన్‌ సీన్‌ అయిపోతోంది. విజయ్‌ ప్రతి సినిమాకీ సర్కారునుంచి ఏదో ఒక సమ… View Full Article