Is Nayan hiding her Marital Status?

Is Nayan hiding her Marital Status?

We all know lady superstar Nayantara is madly in love with director Vignesh Shivn. Initially both tried to hide their relation but as the rumours grew stronger, they couldn't contain their respective solo status. Now Nayan and Vignesh are inseparable. Whenever they find free time, they are touring the world and posing together.

For quite some time now Nayan and Vignesh are living together but the Tamil media is claiming that they also got married. Currently Nayantara is superb busy with multiple projects in hand. Apart from doing female oriented films, she is also pairing with top stars of the south Indian industry. If the reports about her wedding turn true, she fears that the craze for her would come down and so Nayan is deliberately hiding her marital status.

May be she is in thoughts to disclose about their relation and wedding at an appropriate time. But Nayan can't escape the media and hence she is avoiding the promotions of her films. She is also signing with pre-agreement that she won't be able to take in the promotions of her movies and even filmmakers too are not forcing as they opine her charm would do a lot of talking.

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