200 Crs For Sarkar: People's verdict is final

200 Crs For Sarkar: People's verdict is final

Despite being labeled as a below average product by critics and First Day watchers alike, AR Murugadoss latest movie "Sarkar" is doing extremely well at the Telugu box office. As the film collects 200 crores gross now, becoming second such smashing hit in hero Vijay's career, many are wondering how that is possible.

While the story of the film is little lame, with second half taking a new dimension, what helped Sarkar is the mood of people. At a time when general elections around the corner, with newcomers like Pawan Kalyan in AP and Rajnikanth in Tamilnadu joining the election fray, with governments offering freebies to lure voters, Sarkar has reflected the situation and emotions quite well.

Somehow, every other scene in the film reminds us of some political incident or a politician, which made scenes an instant hit with the masses. At the same time, Murugadoss spoke at Section 49P which even the educated class audiences doesn't know about.

With all these reasons around, the film worked with audiences quite well and the fact that the absence of any other happening film in theatres did its favour to Sarkar. That said, people's verdict is final.

Nov 12, 2018 అమ్మాయిలూ.. అలా చేయొద్దు-అనుపమ ఒక అమ్మాయిపై ఏదైనా అఘాయిత్యం జరిగినపుడు దాని గురించి పెద్ద చర్చ నడస్తోంది. ఆందోళనలు జరుగుతున్నాయి. అయినా కూడా సొసైటీలో పెద్ద మార… View Full Article

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