Hushaaru Overseas by BlueSky

Hushaaru Overseas by BlueSky

BlueSky Cinemas is happy to announce that we are releasing youthful romantic comedy entertainer Hushaaru in overseas market in association with Lucky Media.

Hushaaru is an 100% entertainer starring Tejus Kancherla, Tej Kurapati, Dinesh Tej, Abhinav Medishetti, Daksha Nagarkar, Priya Vadlamani, Hemal Ingle, Ramya Pasupuleti along with Rahul Rama Krishna of Ajun Reddy in key role.

Music is being composed by Radhan of Arjun Reddy fame. Recently released Undiporaadhey lyrical video song got huge response with more than 1.5 Million views and still trending.

It's being directed by debutant director Sri Harsha Konuganti.

BlueSky would like to thank you Bekkam Venu Gopal for giving this opportunity to release in overseas market.

Hushaaru is scheduled for Dec 7th release with USA Premieres on Dec 6th, 2018.

Please feel free to contact if you would like to release in your locations:

Srini Unnam
732 586 0932
518 256 4507

Press note released by: Indian Clicks, LLC

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