Telugu Hunk Hero Living With Starlet In Mumbai

Telugu Hunk Hero Living With Starlet In Mumbai

He happens to be that hunk Telugu guy who has fame in Bollywood as well even before he has done a couple of films there. And she is a starlet who started off with a flop and small films, then became a star heroine suddenly.

While there are rumors that both are seeing each other, the heroine always denied that and claimed herself single. But then, in the last two weeks, whenever a big party happens in the Bollywood arena, these two are actually arriving and leaving in the same car. And there's much more.

She shifted to Mumbai recently to try her luck in Hindi films, while he is shuttling between Hyderabad and the Bollywood capital. Whenever paparazzi tries to capture them both, he gets down from other end of their car and escapes. But at a party last month, they were captured together on some b-town cameras, after which he immediately rushed to photographers and requested them to delete those pics.

Since then, they are avoiding traveling together in the daytime to gyms and coffee shops, but in the night they are attending various parties together only. And they stay in same flat only. Still, should we believe they are just friends?

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