Emotional Father's Advise To Akkineni Brothers

Emotional Father's Advise To Akkineni Brothers

In this age of digital cinema, making a film is quite easy and impressive audiences became the toughest part. On that note, we have to say that there are too many heroes emerging now and if one has to prove like a Vijay Devarkonda it takes so much effort.

Despite coming from cinema background, only a few heroes are able to score points here and few are still working hard to impress people. We cannot say that Naga Chaitanya is one such struggling star, but his box office potential graph is not going well these days. And then, his brother Akhil needs to prove both as an actor and also his capabilities to ring registers.

Currently, both are doing films with directors who have delivered noticeable hits with their debut films. And as they are coming up with Majili and Majnu, other Nagarjuna is said to have called Chay on the eve of his birthday and said to have turned bit emotional. He is said to have advised Chay to be careful while choosing scripts. Probably the result of Savyasachi would have made Nag respond that way.

At the same time, Nag is said to have told the same things to Akhil as well at home, as the youngster is quite confused with the output of Majnu and asking for many reshoots. Let's hope the Akkineni brothers will be careful with their stories from now on.

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