Independents Happy With Lagadapati's Phone Calls

Independents Happy With Lagadapati's Phone Calls

Few days back former MP Lagadapati Rajagopal created a sensation by announcing that independent candidates are going win many seats in the upcoming Telangana elections. He went on to say that every day he would announce two names of the independents along with the constituencies.

Accordingly Lagadapati has revealed two names so far and they are Shiva Kumar Reddy of Narayanpet from Mahbubnagar district and Jadhav Anil Kumar of Boath from Adilabad district. Now he is calling the independents and congratulating them well in advance. Candidates who have no clue about Rajagopal's survey and unsure about their victory are overjoyed to hear this update.   

However, Lagadapati has advised the independents to campaign more aggressively and not to relax till the big day arrives. As per Lagadapati's survey independents are likely to win 8 to 10 seats.

This shows there might be a hung in Telangana and Independents will play a crucial role in forming the next government.

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