All Telugu Heroes Asking To Change the Climax

All Telugu Heroes Asking To Change the Climax

#96 movie is still running in Tamilnadu theatres even though the #2PointO tsunami has taken all the other films down. This is because the heart touching love story in the film is really hitting hard on the hearts of many viewers.

Like we all know, from Allu Arjun to Nani and others, many Telugu heroes have opted out of this film's Telugu remake. Obviously, there is only one reason that might be worrying them a lot. That is nothing but the climax part of the movie.

For the twist given to love story in the film, which is played by other actors as Trisha and Vijay Sethupathi's childhood faces, many expect that even Trisha will give a bigger twist in the end. But that did not happen and the climax is now scaring the heroes away, imagining how Telugu audience rejected many films because the ending was not the way they like it.

We hear that all the Telugu heroes who have seen the film till date are requesting Dil Raju to come up with an alternative climax, but the producer is hell-bent to go with the original itself. That's the story.

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