#2.O Beats First Baahubali, But Second Is Tough

#2.O Beats First Baahubali, But Second Is Tough

Ever since Superstar Rajnikanth and Shankar's 2.O is announced, the only talk is that is lingering on many minds is whether this magnum opus will touch the range of Baahubali franchisee or not. Especially Hindi folks are looking forward to it big time.

At Bollywood box office, 2.O hasn't created a storm but had created enough that it will beat the lifetime net of Baahubali 1's Hindi version. While Baahubali 1 collected around 117+ crores collection in its full run, already 2.O made 132 crores from the Hindi box office, thus becoming second biggest dubbed grosser there.

That said, beating Baahubali 2 will be tough because this second film of the legendary franchisee made around 500+ crores collection from the Hindi box office with Hindi version alone. Now forget about Baahubali Telugu version and its collection, as 2.O can't touch it anyway.

If we have to talk about the difference between these two movies, though Shankar has thrown many hair-raising surprises with 2.O, he failed to trigger emotions like Rajamouli. That's why the Rajni starrer hasn't received that bang on a response.

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