Inside Talk: Be Silent On Nagababu-Balayya Episode

Inside Talk: Be Silent On Nagababu-Balayya Episode

The double jolt given by Nagababu publicly, claiming that he doesn't know who is Balakrishna, has really stunned both political and film circles. And everyone is looking forward to seeing how other mega and Nandamuri heroes will be responding to this.

That said, Nagababu's comments are something to exact revenge on Balakrishna, because the Nandamuri star made comments earlier in February that he doesn't know who Pawan Kalyan is. And for the kind of camaraderie Chandrababu, Modi and Pawan carried during the 2014 election campaign, one wonders why Balakrishna doesn't know about the Janasena president.

And what surprises anyone is, Nagababu took almost 10 months time to get a chance to respond on this. But then, he has ignited a political spar and ugly war between fans of these two different camps. So what will Film Industry say about that??

Inside talk is that the Film Industry didn't respond anything when Balayya asked 'who is Pawan Kalyan?' and now they will follow the same principle for 'who is Balayya?' question as well. They are going to be silent on this, and let the politicians in our actors take care of that.

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