Anthariksham & PPLM Challenging Review Writers?

Anthariksham & PPLM Challenging Review Writers?

Tomorrow's releases Anthariksham and Padi Padi Leche Manasu are clashing at the box office and unlike many other films releasing on the same date, these two are special and different. One film's genre is different from that of the other one, yet they both equally have been making the audience curious.

While many film lovers were pushed into a dilemma on which film to watch first, interestingly their best option seems to be depending on the ratings and reviews from websites. As large set of the audience is not having any favorite within these two films, their choice might be the one with better ratings by majority websites.

So the release day anxiety spread to review writers too, along with producers and distributors, as an unbiased and genuine review of each film turns highly important at this time. It is more like a challenge for websites to come up with a best-ever possible review of these two films.

Particularly when the overseas business will be highly impacted by reviews and ratings from websites, the curiosity around 'space' and 'love' certainly got doubled.

While there are just a few hours left before we can know which film outperformed the other, the enthusiastic netizens already started interesting predictions on reviewers' response and website's ratings for these films. Intriguing inception!

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