Teaser Talk: Ayya Baaboi, Mahalakshmi!

From a long time, many Telugu cinema lovers are eagerly waiting to see "Queen" Telugu remake. Released in 2014, this Hindi film made the career of Kangana to a new level in Bollywood before winning her many accolades.

And now, the film is being made in four south languages all at once and the Telugu version has Tamanna Bhatia playing the lead role. Titled "That is Mahalakshmi", the teaser is released today on the eve of milky siren's birthday. That said, the teaser is not creating an impact, due to lack of some chemistry that could stick viewer to the film.

From behaving like Kangana, to delivering dialogues like Kangana, to wearing clothes like Kangana to appearing like Kangana, milky siren tried all the aspects of Kangana Ranaut in "Queen" to make "That Is Mahalakshmi" look like that. But surprisingly, the soul induced by Kangana into that film is left alone to tears by Tamanna and her director.

Initial reports are that, people are not feeling 'That is Mahalakshmi', but they are screaming 'Ayya Baboi Mahalakshmi'.