Kajal Scores big, Tamannah disappoints

Kajal Scores big, Tamannah disappoints

When the remake of Bollywood superhit film Queen was announced with different heroines in Tamil and Telugu languages, cinema lovers did not understand the reason behind it. But, they assumed it would be a daunting task for the director to helm the same film in two languages with a same actress.

The producers of remake roped in Tamannah for Telugu version and Kajal Aggarwal for the Tamil version. It was fine till here but the teaser of Telugu versions is getting high criticism from the audience who are disappointed with the quality of Telugu version.

The role played by Tamannah Bhatia will be seen as a Rajahmundry girl who speaks in typical Godavari slang. The reception for 'That is Maha Lakshmi' on social media is highly negative and tells that the initial glimpse into the film is depressing.

Whereas the Tamil version of the movie "Paris Paris" featuring Kajal doesn't have her using the regional dialect. But, it has in bold in many ways. Though a scene where Elli Avram pressing the private parts of Kajal has landed in controversy, it has become highlight point in the trailer.

The image of that scene is now going viral on social media. Besides this boldness, Kajal's settled performance is said to be way better than the Tamannah in Telugu version. Also, the Telugu film lacks quality with compared with Tamil movie.