Watch: Secrets Behind Shahrukh's Dwarf Look In ZERO

Whether the film has excited audiences or not, surely it created an interesting in cinema lovers for the way King Khan has portrayed himself like a dwarf. And for those audiences interested to know the techniques behind that work, it created a lot of curiosity.

Understanding all their inquisitiveness, now Shahrukh Khan's team has released a making video of "ZERO" movie, which clearly explained how the dwarf character was created. Going by this video, many are feeling sad that such huge efforts poured by Khan and his team haven't met the expectations at the box office.

If we have to talk about the technical brilliance, SRK's very own Red Chillies VFX team did a fab job. Talking about the character creation, they have dug out a pit for Shahrukh to walk in all the scenes such that he will appear shorter. For the legs part, they removed the real ones and added the Computer Generated model to it. An easy thing to say, but a really tough thing to do.

No doubt, SRK is also helping Indian VFX grow to next levels by accepting to do such characters. Watch the video to know the secrets yourself.

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