Mega Family Almost Opened Up! What Next?

Mega Family Almost Opened Up! What Next?

Recently, the only thing that is lingering in the minds of cinema folks is, whether mega family heroes will join Pawan Kalyan's Janasena election campaign or not. Like the way NTR and Kalyanram stayed away from Kukatpally election, what is this mega batch going to do?

For that, we have to say that all the mega heroes have already opened up. Recently Varun Tej gave 1 crore donation to Janasena party thereby officially opening up that he is a supporter of that party. And then, we have Nagababu also openly saying that he supports his younger brother.

And now, in the presence of Megastar Chiranjeevi itself, Ram Charan endorsed the weight of a 'teacup' and wished a mega win for it in the upcoming election. Even his good friend KT Rama Rao wished Pawan Kalyan all the success in his political journey. Then we have Allu Arjun donating water plants to Titli cyclone victims in Srikakulam and gave them to Janasena party cadre to operate.

So what more mega heroes have to tell that they are supporters of Janasena party? Now that most of them opened up, will they join the campaign trail too? Wait and watch!

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