#NTR Biopic: Trouble Troubles You Lakshmi Parvathi

#NTR Biopic: Trouble Troubles You Lakshmi Parvathi

With just six days more for the film's release, actually, the makers of #NTR Biopic have knocked the doors of Censor to finish all the formalities couple of days ago. But we hear that the Censor Board is said to have asked them to bring a NOC from popular personalities like Lakshmi Parvathi and Nadendla Bhaskara Rao.

While Nadendla and Co are okay to be managed, with not much of their part present in the first part of the biopic, NTR Kathayanakudu, we wonder why Censor Board asked them to get a clearance from Lakshmi Parvathi, who is not at all present in the first part. Reports are coming that the second wife of NTR has actually written a letter to board citing some objections.

In this context, many are saying that if today Lakshmi Paravathi troubles the release of #NTR Biopic, then tomorrow the release of Lakshmi's NTR will be troubled much. Because for that film, the whole of NTR family should give a NOC including that of Nara Chandrababu Naidu. If she tries to show them stars today, wouldn't they pay her back soon?

All said and done, the film might get the much-needed Censor clearance in a day or two as LP and Nadendla don't have a predominant role in NTR's Kathanayakudu. Also, the whole film has shown everyone in a positive light, because to highlight NTR there is no need to downgrade any!!

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