Kangana Changes Words In Hyderabad

Kangana Changes Words In Hyderabad

Other day, India's most controversial heroine Kangana Ranaut was in Hyderabad to promote the Telugu version of her upcoming release "Manikarnika". And then, many wondered if she will answer the most sought question, why Krish left the project midway.

During Manikarnika promotions in Hindi hinterlands, Kangana positioned herself rather seriosly and quashed questions related to Krish. Then she went on claiming that she has taken the reigns of a flick when they were left in some bad situation. However, her version changed after coming to Hyderabad.

Talking about the happening, she said, "Actually Krish sir did a fabulous job, but we are expected to wrap the project by August last year. And he has #NTR commitment to fulfill and asked us to wait until Feb 2019. Unable to wait, we've wrapped the film ourselves and myself took the direct responsibility". Wow!

Looks like Kangana nurtured the talent of catching perfect umbrella as per the Sun.

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