ANR's role is honestly & dignifiedly portrayed: Sumanth

ANR's role is honestly & dignifiedly portrayed: Sumanth

Hero Sumanth said his grandfather Akkineni Nageswara Rao's role in 'NTR' biopic is honestly and dignifiedly portrayed. He said that he would take it as a compliment when he heard many comments only he looks almost like ANR of all the heroes from the Akkineni family.

About playing ANR, Sumanth said, "Since when I was a kid, many used to say that I had familiar features of ANR and I did not think much when this role came to me. I had the confidence that I can essay the role."

When asked about working experience with Balakrishna, Sumanth replied that he is unique and encyclopedia. "Not just NTR's dialogues even ANR's dialogues he would say with ease. I haven't met a persona like so far."

About director Krish, he said he believed that only Krish can do justice to the role of ANR in 'NTR' biopic as the both the actors are stalwarts of Telugu cinema. "Krish is like the student of Tollywood. He knows the difference between commercial and art cinema. ANR's character is shaped up quite well," added Sumanth.

After NBK's role, Sumanth said he like Rana's role as Chandrababu Naidu and thanked Kalyanram for flattering remark on his get-up as ANR.