Balayya Shows 2.O Avatar To Fans At Airport

Balayya Shows 2.O Avatar To Fans At Airport

Usually, if fans get in his way at airport exits, Nandamuri Balakrishna responds rather strongly and sometimes harshly. That is the reason for the evolution of some slapgate incidents as well. But now, he has simply surprised all.

Today when Balayya was on his way to reach Nimmakuru, some fans came to Vijayawada airport when he was boarding the car. Asking all the fans to come in a row, the Nandamuri star collected bouquets from them and he also unveiled the #NTR calendars they have bought with them.

When some fan gave him a bouquet and wished him Happy New Year, the senior hero said 'thank you' in his trademark style.  Well, this cool #2.O avatar of Balayya is really a super hit as the video has been trending since morning on the social media.

Meanwhile, along with Kalyan Ram and Vidya Balan, today Balayya went to Nimmakuru and garlanded the statues of his parents, NTR and Basava Tarakam, taking their blessings.

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