Varmaa Trailer: Better than the Teaser

The idea of remaking the film Arjun Reddy itself is bold. While there is nothing yet from the Bollywood one with Shahid kapoor, the Tamil remake with Vikram's son is all set for release soon. Titled 'Varmaa', the teaser that was released earlier hardly impressed the viewers, but the latest trailer seems to be turning the eyes of audience towards it.

Directed by Bala, Dhruv Vikram appears to have done his best to fit the role. Though known for his knack for grim and unique protrayal of characters in his films, Bala seems to have simply adopted everything from Arjun Reddy for Varmaa. Megha Chowdhury is good as Megha, which is done by Shalini Pandey in Telugu as Preethi Shetty.

Not many from Telugu audience might like the trailer or find it on par with Arjun Reddy, but it is definitely better than the teaser. The film almost is a frame to frame recreation of Arjun Reddy and it all depends on how the lead characters perform.

Tamil audience who have not watched Arjun Reddy may fall in love with Varmaa.

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