What If That Is 'NTR' Interval Bang?

What If That Is 'NTR' Interval Bang?

All great things said and done, some cinema lovers and many critics felt that NTR Biopic's first party "Kathanayakudu" is a bit slow in terms of narrative. With too much of detail being narrated in the film, naturally, the pace falls on the slower side. What if the makers went ahead with their real idea anyway?

Actually, the original script of NTR Biopic is something that has his film journey in the first half and political journey in the second half. The scene that came in the climax of Kathanayakudu where NTR announced about his new political party, would have become the interval bang if the makers released this as a single-part film.

Some say that such a narrative would have created more impact of the film rather going into many details regarding NTR's film career. However, the majority of audiences felt that what Krish has done is the right thing. Because most of NTR's political journey is a known thing, but his film side is the completely unknown part. So he has chosen the right way to showcase that by dividing the film into two parts.

Also, releasing the film in two parts will be an easy way to recover the huge costs involved in the making of it.

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