All The Heroines Fizzled Out Before Him

All The Heroines Fizzled Out Before Him

Right before the release of #NTR Kathanayakudu, as some special posters featuring NTR and his heroines have come out, many wondered if all those sparkling starlets will grab the craze away from the central theme of the film. But it got only reversed after the release.

Director Krish has carved out NTR in such a way that the film's story and premise will always stay true to the intent of showcasing the essence of the legend's life to all. And the film never deviated from its path, even though they have used some comedy and some glamour.

Whether Shalini Pandey appeared as Janaki, Praneetha shined as Krishna Kumari, Hansika and Rakul Preet appeared in bit songs as Jayaprada and Sridevi, and Shriya Saran as Prabha in Dana Veera Karna movie, are just some come and go kind of appearances only. It's not that these heroines failed to create impact, but Rama Rao's aura has overthrown their presence.

Especially the way Balayya carried his father's character into the masses so intensely made all the heroines fizzle out.

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