Bigg Boss Discussions Started In Film Nagar

Bigg Boss Discussions Started In Film Nagar

Unlike starting the exercise a couple of months earlier, it looks like the makers of #BIgBoss now want to get a clarity almost 6 months in advance. This is not regarding the host of the show, but regarding the contestants of the show. More than #BigBoss1, the second season is a huge draw and they want the third season to be another smashing hit.

For that reason, #BigBoss makers are now in consultations with somewhat popular heroines now. Though the second season became a huge hit, not even one face is a popular draw before the show began. Other than Geetha Madhuri, all are either forgotten or not so registered faces only. But this time, they want real popular contestants.

According to the grapevine, a Telugu heroine who is struggling to get her feet right is approached for the show. At the same time, another popular Mumbai based girl who could speak superb Telugu is also in the queue. We have to see what sort of contestants will come up this time.

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