'Packup Package' Ready For Another Director

'Packup Package' Ready For Another Director

if a filmmaker fails to understand the sensibilities of present-day generation, then he/she is gone without any doubts. Recently we have seen how directors like Sreenu Vaitla and VV Vinayak are given this 'packup package' by audiences and right now another director is contemplating to join them.

After delivering back to back duds, films with improper, illogical and half baked stories, director VV Vinayak received the shock of his life. Currently, there are no takers for his latest offering though some senior heroes might still go for him. Same is the case with Sreenu Vaitla who has completely exploited the 'comedy' genre to death with the same plot.

Now, with Vinaya Vidheya Rama, director Boyapati Sreenu has proved that he will not come up with any new plot but some old wine packed in a new container. In case if Boyapati fails to come up with a new story and premise at least with Balayya, then he is going to be given the 'pickup package' by the audiences.

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