'Train Scene' Removed from Vinaya Vidheya Rama?

'Train Scene' Removed from Vinaya Vidheya Rama?

There always have been scenes from our films, that looked utter silly and awkward. Ram Charan never really got himself in those scenes that were actually intended to elevate but ended in highly circulated trolls, until the infamous 'Train scene' from Vinaya Vidheya Rama.

Those who have watched the film need no introduction about the 'Train scene' in which Charan jumps from an airport on to a running train and travels to Bihar from Dwaraka in no time. Now the makers are heard to have decided to chop it from the film to avoid more damage.

Not just that scene, but many other action scenes like beheading villain's brothers and the scene where the venomous cobra dies after biting villain Vivek Oberoi for few times, turned a laughing stock. Social media has been trolling the director Boyapati for these senseless scenes. We have to see if this chopping act of makers would control the damage even a bit.

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