Full Meals For Trollers: NTR And VVR

Full Meals For Trollers: NTR And VVR

"Trolling" is the latest message being given by common audiences. Whenever something happens, the humorous satires around it get into people pretty fast as some trollers troll it with their funny messages and images on social media. And today, such trollers are having a feast.

From last few days, many trollers are having a field day with NTR Kathanayakudu's release. Throwing satires on various getups of Nandamuri Balakrishna, trollers made many funny images and started circulating funny comments. While that is the situation of NTR Biopic, next release Vinaya Vidheya Rama gave them more food.

Boyapati's logic-defying and anti-science scenes inside the film invited huge trolls as they are feasting on scenes like a poisonous snake dying after biting the villain. Calling it "Boyalogy", they are now trending various trolls on the film. Scenes like hero standing on the top of the train to travel from Mathura in Gujarat to Bihar, hero frisking heads of villains into air and eagles catching them away have propelled trolls to call Boyapati as a student of Einstein and the real father of 'Theory of Relativity'.

With trollers ridiculing each and every scene of these two big Sankranthi films, even hardcore fans of the stars of those films are remaining silent. Now that the train scene has been removed from VVR, fans are requesting to remove that Snake bite scene too, from VVR.

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