Prabhas Fans Feeling Super Happy Now!

Prabhas Fans Feeling Super Happy Now!

Apparently, some rumors are always there even though people call it a rumor. At the same time, though everyone knows that few rumors are just rumors, they still haunt fans of the particular celebrity involved.

And now, as you have expected, fans of 'Baahubali' star Prabhas are feeling super happy on this Sankranthi eve. Because from a long time, there was this rumor that Andhra Pradesh opposition leader YS Jagan's sister Sharmila is in a relationship with superstar Prabhas. With Sharmila herself clearing the air over it, before filing a case on the unknown for painting filthy rumours on her, it led to huge discussions on social media.

Prabhas' fans are always happy with the rumour that the actor is dating his co-star Anushka, but they are a bit unhappy with rumours linking him up with Sharmila. Now that the daughter of late CM YSR herself gave the clarity, there will be no further worries about such rumours.

On the other hand, Telangana police are now investigating into the matter to find out who is actually spreading this rumour.

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