Tamanna's Lungi Dance Unveiled On Demand

Ever since the film F2 released in theatres, the song that is making some audiences to come back for a second-time watch is none other than the 'Girra Girra' song. And as many know already, the glamour dose in this song is a notch higher than usual.

Well, after a long gap, Tamanna appeared 'oora mass' way in the Girra Girra song. Especially the way she tucked in that lungi and danced like a mass girl is shaking front benchers out there. Also, her single colored saree look couple with an extra dose of skin show is an instant hit. Since the film released, many are actually asking producer Dil Raju to release this song's video.

And finally, it looks like Raju has listened to their demand, as he made the video rights owners to release the trailer of the video song on YouTube. Guess what, currently fans are going gaga over the ultra hot looks of milky siren after watching this video.

Needless to say that Tamanna has not officially extended her career by a couple of years with these acts.