Pic Talk: Hot Girl With Cute Cat

Some heroines just come and go, but actually, they leave a nice footprint all over the film industry. While some do it with their performance, some with glamour. And here comes Mumbai based law student Malvika Sharma who has sizzled on Telugu screen through Raviteja's Nela Ticket movie.

Currently, she hasn't signed any Telugu movie but is actually heating up social media with her super spicy posts. Every evening actually she plays badminton to stay herself fit and fab, and she cuddles with her little kitten as well. Sharing some of the pictures with her cute cat, this hot girl just spun magic.

Other than these pictures, Malvika's spicy treats from her Goa tour and the recent Kashmir sojourn are a super hit too. Though there are no films in her hand right now, actually this chubby girl is busy doing various TV commercials for some top brands of the nation.