She Ditched Mahesh's Film For This Bold Comedy

One young Telugu girl who has shot to huge fame in the recent days is none other than Priya Vadlamani, who sizzled in bold comedies like Husharu and Subhalekha+lu. And this actress proved that Telugu girls can do bold and glamorous roles with ease.

Talking about her journey, Priya explained that she missed out a Mahesh Babu's movie. She was supposed to be part of Mahesh Maharshi's movie, but not as a heroine anyway. Actually, she joined as assistant director to Vamsi Paidipally and worked on Maharshi pre-production for a couple of months. But later as acting offers are tempting her, she ditched that film for her bold acts.

Before acting in films, this Telugu girl also did several short films. And right now, her cigarette smoking acts and her hottest looks in her recent films are going viral on YouTube. All said and done, some filmmakers are said to be not giving her offers after coming to know that she is a Telugu girl. That's sad!