F2 Sisters Demanding More: Anthega Anthega!

F2 Sisters Demanding More: Anthega Anthega!

While a series of flops will do big disturbances to the pay packet, one super successful film is barely enough to bring all the fortunes. And that is happening in the case of two glamorous beauties now.    

No big films have come milky siren Tamanna's way as most of her movies are ending up as flops. And her remuneration is said to have come down to 50 lakhs and below in the recent times. But F2's success has given new wings to this lady and is now said to be demanding more than a crore. Though the figures are exactly not known, surely she has hiked them in a big way.

Same is the case with Mehreen Pirzada who used to demand big way even when she is sailing with flop films. And now that her glamor dose in F2 caught the eye of masses, she is said to be demanding 20+ than what she used to ask earlier. Looking at the demands of these actresses, even cinema observers are saying 'Anthega! Anthega!!'.

Well, a film's success will surely bring more money home but what is important now is cementing that status in the form of delivering back to back hits. Can Tamanna do that once again? Can Mehreen do it for the first time in her career? We have to wait and watch.

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