Did Sam recommend Chay to Dil Raju?

Did Sam recommend Chay to Dil Raju?

Those in the know are aware that Akkineni actor Naga Chaitanya is going to feature in a film to be produced by Dil Raju. The ace producer himself has confirmed it during his recent press meet. After Josh flop, Akkineni family and Dil Raju have maintained some distance and they never made an attempt to collaborate again. After many years, Dil Raju is once again partnering with Chay and how did it happen now?

Going by the industry insiders, Chay's wife and star actress Samantha Akkineni is said to have played a crucial role in setting up this combination. During a recent meeting with Dil Raju regarding the '96' Telugu remake, Samantha has reportedly asked the leading producer to plan a movie with her hubby, who is reeling under a series of flops. Considering the fact that Dil Raju has got a great track record in film production, Samantha may have apparently recommended Chay to him. Also, the reports have it that Raju has arranged a narration of a subject with a director, to which the Josh actor gave his quick nod.

Right from the beginning, Samantha is very keen about Naga Chaitanya's career and in the past, rumours emerged that she has recommended Chaitanya for Trivikram's A..Aa. But, that did not materialize as Nithin came on the board finally. So, now Dil Raju's film is quite crucial for the young actor who is in need of a success badly.

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