Naga Babu, Why Not 99TV?

Naga Babu, Why Not 99TV?

Naga Babu's healthy criticism of ABN and Andhrajyothy are definitely a welcome change. Certainly, criticism of media is welcoming. However, what is wrong with Naga Babu is his selective and convenient criticism. The question is why only ABN and Andhrajyothy when most of other media houses including Sakshi have taken clear sides towards their party.

No doubt, ABN and Andhrajyothy are favourable to TDP and Chandrababu and Sakshi towards YSRCP. This is a wide known fact. At the same time, 99TV is also very biased towards Pawan Kalyan and Janasena. In fact, on many occasions, Pawan and Naga Babu have openly referred 99TV as their channel ("Mana Channel") - as it pushes the agenda of Janasena.

Can Naga Babu dare to criticize 99TV? Only if he can do that, he will be considered credible and genuine. Only if he can criticize 99TV, then he will be considered as a statesman. If not, he will be considered as a pure politician who takes on opponents and will be confined as an unofficial spokesperson of Janasena.

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