Is Varma Rubbing Christians On Wrong Side?

Is Varma Rubbing Christians On Wrong Side?

Knowing for picking sides with various fundamentalists and critics, Ram Gopal Varma has made fun of Lord Ganesh sometime ago and then fell in a legal tangle. And now it looks like he is rubbing the wrong side of another community.

Evangelist KA Paul, who is now predicting his forthcoming as Chief Minister of AP as he feels that his Praja Santhi party will clean sweep the elections, has surely rubbed director Ram Gopal Varma on the wrong side, saying that the director touched his feet. And that has hurt the director to the peaks that every day he throws some sort of satire on the evangelist.

Today, while sharing a video of KA Paul's emotional meeting with his followers, Varma tweeted, "Thana peru inthagaa chedagoduthunnanduku K A Paul ki shiluva veyyabothunnani ippude naaku Jesus Christ Whatsap msg pettadu". (Jesus Christ just sent me a message on WhatsApp that he is going to crucify KA Paul for bringing a bad name to him).

Though Varma's intention is to malign KA Paul, some Christians are said to be feeling that he is making fun of Jesus as well. So we have to see if the director will invite unwanted troubles from these tweets.

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