How Come NTR Biopic Released On Yaatra Day?

How Come NTR Biopic Released On Yaatra Day?

While the second part of NTR's biopic "Mahanayakudu" is yet to give clarity on the release date, many are wondering how come "Kathanayakudu" has released on the day "Yaatra" has hit cinemas. Here goes an interesting snippet.

Apparently when more and more tweets are expected on "Yaatra" movie, surprisingly today we are seeing lots of tweets on "Kathanayakudu" movie too. People are talking about some scenes and discussing on few dialogues too. So if you're wondering how come this is happening, thanks to Amazon Prime Video.

Currently, NTR Kathanayakudu is being streamed on Prime Video and those folks who missed the film in theatres are enjoying it on this digital platform now. However, this release is not timed with Yaatra release date which happens to be today (Feb 8th). But actually, the agreement of Prime Video is to release the film just 30 days after its release in case if the film is a flop.

So many Telugu films including that of Padi Padi Leche Manasu and Antariksham have made it to Prime Video in a similar fashion. And if the film is a hit, they will wait for 50 days it seems.

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