Ahead Of Elections Mahesh Turned Cautious!

Ahead Of Elections Mahesh Turned Cautious!

For reasons better known to everyone, Superstar Mahesh is likely to become a political target as many think that the way 'digital campaigns' are being led these days want to make use of him.

Reportedly after IT officials publicized the way his bank accounts are seized due to some GST issue, which is though in Court, it's being said that Mahesh's proximity to his brother in law Jayadeva Galla, a TDP MP, is the real cause of this incident. As the BJP and its friends want to take every single chance to malign TDP and its supporting bigwigs, some rumours have come out that they want to pull Mahesh into this defaming job.

Understanding this, we hear that Mahesh advised his digital team to be very careful until elections get over. He neither wants to make any political comments or any comments even with a slightest political reference, nor he wants to attend programs related to any biggies who are politically affiliated to some party or the other.

While Mahesh's father Krishna was in Congress party earlier, his uncle in YSRC then and TDP now, and his brother in law in TDP, Mahesh always refrained himself from politics.

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