Bigg Boss Sensation Shocks With An Adult Comedy

Bigg Boss Sensation Shocks With An Adult Comedy

Mallu beauty Helen Nelson is quite popular in Tamil industry with her stage name Oviya. After her Bigg Boss stint last year, she became a sensation with her fans calling themselves as 'Oviya Army' and doing hungama on social media. And now, her latest movie "90 ML" is winning her brickbats.

Though Oviya will be seen in some big films like Lawrence's Kanchana 3 and others, she has somehow opted to do an all-girl adult comedy that we are seeing in Bollywood these days. She has come up with '90 ML' which not only had her steamy lip-locks, intimate scenes and sleazy references, she also spoke double entendres quite casually, upsetting many people.

Especially Oviya's sex bomb like acts involving kissing and skin show has upset many, and also she is getting bashed for wrongly inspiring youths with her sleazy acts in the name of desire. While a film should be seen as a film, some Tamil celebs are also condemning Oviya's 90ML for being rustic and real.

However, if we look at the kind of films Bollywood and Hollywood are making in this genre, this is not a bit of extra. Even in Telugu, we're having films like Cheekati Gadhilo Chilakkotudu, Edu Chepala Katha and others coming up with a similar setup.

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