Such A Big Insult To A Top Director

Such A Big Insult To A Top Director

Already we have read about how the studio that has produced Arjun Reddy Tamil remake shelved the whole film to make a new version with a new director. And then we have also ready how director Bala has given whole footage to these producers such that they will modify and re-use it without the director's name. What is the public opinion on this fiasco anyway?

Well, whether Bala chose to exit the project or the producers tried to give a color that they really dumped the whole film to shoot a new one, it is this director whose fame got dented. Films like Seshu, Suryaputrudu and recently Jyothika's Nachiyaar have got immense fame for Bala and his creative penchant. And now that this director has carved Arjun Reddy Tamil remake, many felt it will be a great film.

And with a director such stature distancing from the movie citing whatever the reason it could be, definitely that makes people think about him in the first place. They wonder if he left it out due to compulsion or arrogance. All said and done, Bala's career graph will now carry this Arjun Reddy stain for a long time.

When the likes of some big stars are ready to give dates to Bala Palaniswamy, one wonders what made him to launch Vikram's son Dhruv that too with a remake.

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