Oh! Varma Shared The Credit This Time

Oh! Varma Shared The Credit This Time

Director Ram Gopal Varma is undoubtedly the most talented storyteller in India, but sometimes he behaves quite weirdly. There were accusations, both in the open and in the dark side, that he has stolen the creative work of others.

At a time when Rakta Charitra series came, there were many rumors that he has overtaken two young directors named Dharma and Raksha, and carved that project. Later he's said to have not attended the location of Vangaveeti movie shooting, but got the work done by another director. However, he has credited himself as the director.

But for Lakshmi's NTR, Varma has truly surprised everyone as he shared the credit of director with another person named Agasthya Manju. Without any second thoughts, Varma has shared the credits with him as the other director is said to have shot nearly 40% of the film in Varma's absence.

Though Varma has no other film in his hand, we wonder how come he hasn't directed the whole film. Maybe he might have done this to bring more creativity to the table.

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